At Spiradrill, we are more than a vendor. We are your partner and ready to help you complete your projects any way we can.

With dependable equipment and a constant vision to improve your ownership experience with both parts and service, we are ready to help whenever called upon. We rely on the many years of experience we have as a team in our manufacturing plant and service group to troubleshoot any issues and keep in-field units ready to work.

Our drills are in use helping restore infrastructure following natural disasters, operating in heavy civil and highway construction projects, and working in oil and gas development just to name a few of the key markets we support each day. Here in Smithville, we believe our people are what make Spiradrill drills the best machines for the job. Whether you’re doing T&D, foundation, or any other drilled shaft application, we’re here to help you get it done.

Because we are the OEM experts, we’re the best source for keeping your rig running smoothly whether you utilize our Smithville, Texas repair facility or get help from our field service group. In either case, we’re focused on keeping your total cost of ownership as competitive as possible to ensure your success.

We recognize that you count on us and our machines, and we take that responsibility seriously. We keep over 3,000 individual line items in stock at our facility and are constantly checking to ensure mission-critical items are always available.

Since we are the manufacturer, we control the revisions, and we are always challenging ourselves to update and improve our products. Yet we still support older machines no longer in production and are happy to help whenever we get the chance.

“The Spiradrill rigs have been very dependable but on the rare occasion we have needed some help, the service team has been very responsive and taken care of us right away.”

-Tommy Willis, Willis Electric Company