The MHD’s, with fast set-up and low operating cost through customer-inspired designs, deliver maximum productivity. The life of the equipment is long thanks to an innovative hydraulic design, in-house manufacturing advances, and experienced employee craftsmanship. This combination of the hydraulic design and easy maintenance means years of reliable, low-cost operation.

The MHD can be mounted on a conventional truck chassis allowing for quick mobilization, saving valuable time and expense. Such user-friendly configuration means no jobsite assembly, allowing you to be the first to drill and the first to move on to the next job.

Whether you prefer square or round Kelly bars, the MHD series is available in multiple mast-height configurations. MHD’s can be either truck or track mounted depending upon customer requirements.

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Maximum Pile Depth 50′ – 120′ 36.58m
Maximum Pile Diameter 10′ 3.04m
Maximum Torque 60,000 ft./lbs. 81.35 kNm
Maximum RPM (low) 18 rpm 18 rpm
Maximum RPM (mid) 45 rpm 45 rpm
Spin Off Speed 150 rpm 150 rpm
Crowd 62,832 lbs. 280 kN
Main Winch 23,000 lbs. 102.31 kN
Auxiliary Winch 12,000 lbs. 53.34 kN
Fuel Tank 70 Gallons 265 Liters
Engine – John Deere 6068 185 HP 185 HP

“I have used many other brands. I switched because when you work in this industry, you have to buy equipment that lasts. In my opinion, Spiradrill’s are the best.”

-Brandon C.Plaska Line Construction