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      The Spiradrill Tophead Utility Drill, or STUD, is an excavator mounted drilling system designed to deliver greater drilling power and maneuverability in difficult working conditions. The low operational height makes it ideal for low clearance jobs, power line projects or under bridges. The STUD can easily reach over obstacles or obstructions extending as far as 16 feet from the tracks. Available with either square friction kelly’s or round interlocking kelly’s, the STUD will allow you to reach depths of up to 60 feet while delivering more than 40,000 ft./lbs. of torque and 24,000 lbs. of crowd. The STUD requires no set up and is designed with ease of operation in mind. Simply put, the STUD will deliver the versatility and performance you need for your toughest projects.

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    Maximum Pile Depth 60 feet   21.32m
    Maximum Pile Diameter 6 feet   1.82 m
    Maximum Torque 40,000 ft./lbs.   50.45 kNm
    Maximum RPM 55 rpm   55 rpm
    Spin off speed 150 rpm   150 rpm
    Crowd 24,000 lbs.   106 kN
    Main Winch 15,000 lbs.   66.66 kN
    Aux. Winch 8,000 lbs.   35.56 kN
    Operational Height 25 feet   7.62m
    Weight (attachment only) 12,000 lbs.   6 tons
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