• MHD


    The MHD series delivers maximum productivity, fast set-up, quicker drill cycle times and a low operating cost through our customer-inspired designs and top of class power. Equipment life is long thanks to our completely hydraulic design and focus on using the highest quality components. This combination of the hydraulic design and easy maintenance means more hours of reliable, low-cost operation. The MHD series is available in standard mast or short mast configurations with either square bars or round, interlocking Kelly bars. We also offer both track and truck mounted versions.


    Dimensional Drawings

    MHD 80 Specialty Spec Drawing    
      MHD 90 Dimensional Drawing    
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    Maximum Pile Depth 90 feet   30.48m
    Maximum Pile Diameter 10 feet   3.04 m
    Maximum Torque 43,000 ft./lbs.   54.23 kNm
    Maximum RPM (Low) 18 rpm   18 rpm
    Maximum RPM (mid) 45 rpm   45 rpm
    Spin off speed 150 rpm   150 rpm
    Crowd 45,000 lbs.   198 kN
    Main Winch 18,000 lbs.   80.01 kN
    Aux. Winch 12,000 lbs.   53.34 kN
    Fuel Tank 50 Gallons   189 Liters
    Engine-John Deere 4045 185 HP   185 HP
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